What’s with all the first person chicks?

Couldn’t agree with you more with your points about these many main female characters with first-person narratives in historical fiction, many of who are tipping towards the scale of Mary Sue while some are, God forbid, actual medieval/period feminist, butt-kicking, two-dimensional Sues. *shudders*

A Nevill Feast

Following on from this brilliant post from Kathryn Warner, I thought I’d weigh in with my two cents. Firstly, I agree with everything she says. Secondly, I’m not an historian. I have never studied history formally. I have a degree and am working on my Masters, but these are linguistics and writing quals respectively. I’m as much as amateur as anyone out there. I’m not preaching this from any lofty heights or from the perspective of someone who understands or uses any kind of academic method. But I conduct my research as diligently as I can. Sometimes I’m challenged and that’s fine – so long as the challenger can back up what they say with sources – preferably primary, secondary will do but oh, please! not a novel.

Which is what I’m writing and my intention is to stick to the history – what’s been recorded. There are huge…

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