Marriage and the Nevills – Anne Nevill and Richard Duke of Gloucester (updated)

For all people who wish to learn more about Richard III and Anne Neville’s marriage but wouldn’t mind if it’s not from a legit, proper historian, I would definitely recommend that you read this article by anevillfeast 🙂

A Nevill Feast

This is a marriage about which a great deal has been said, written and speculated.  For the True Believer, there are some basic ‘facts’ that no-one wants to question.  It would be so easy just to go with the flow – the shared childhood, the cookshop, the bitter tears at the funeral – but quite apart from whether any of it’s even vaguely true, it’s not nearly so much fun as trying to work the angles, weasel out the probable from the improbable and coming up with something that’s real, believable and matches my own perceptions and perspective.

First, here are the things we don’t know:

•  how Anne felt about her first husband; how his death affected her;
•  when and where her marriage to Gloucester took place;
•  how and when the couple communicated before Anne’s complicit abduction (rescue?) to sanctuary;
•  which of them was the instigator of…

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