The White Queen: The REAL Duchess of York

While I do think Cecily Neville was proud IRL, but I myself was quite shocked when I read/watched that scene in both the book and the TV series. While I kinda like Jacquetta and Elizabeth in Gregory’s novels, I agree this was going probably a bit too far and it was clearly pointing out Jacquetta and Elizabeth’s supposed cleverness in outsmarting this ‘proud and vain’ woman, Duchess Cecily, and in vilifying/antagonizing Cecily not-so-subtly and quite needlessly, in my opinion.


Lady Cecily, Duchess of York portrayed by Caroline Goodall. Lady Cecily, Duchess of York portrayed by Caroline Goodall.

Scene RE-DONE the way it should have been done! You bow twice to the King’s mother and she doesn’t back down!

After the first episode of ‘The White Queen’, I was quite upset at the representation of the King’s mother, the Duchess of York [I even wrote a blog I was SO upset]. As a royal Duchess who would have become Queen if her husband had not died — she was in fact practically queen in all but name; Queen Mother. Her husband, Richard, Duke of York, was granted the title of Prince of Wales and Lord Protector so Cecily was technically Princess of Wales before her husband died.

“But for an accident of fate would have been queen”. (‘At the King’s Pleasure’: The Testament of Cecily Neville by Alison Spedding)

Born Lady Cecily Neville, she was part of…

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