Barnet or How wrong can a man be?

So y’all can be even know more about the Battle of Barnet during which Richard Neville, 16th Earl of Warwick, was killed…

A Nevill Feast

Here was fought the famous battle between Edward IV and the Earl of Warwick April 14th Anno 1471 in which the Earl was Defeated and Slain.

The earl of Warwick was born a hundred years too late, I keep reading, but I don’t agree.  He wasn’t the Last of the Barons so much as a  template for a new kind of politician.  His main problem was that he was born in an age of kings, with just enough royal blood in his veins to make it impossible for him to be contented with his lot. Which, by any means of measurement, was a lot.  In a meritocracy, he might have achieved his lofty ambitions.  In a democracy, his masterful self-publicity, energy and very real abilities might have taken him to the top.  His major flaws, and there were many, would have led him to the same sorts of mistakes…

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