Marriage and the Nevills – Cecily Nevill and Richard Duke of York

I’ve always thought these two were quite close and had a relatively happy marriage, and they could be known to travel together often which is why we must look at the ‘Edward IV was fathered by a common archer’ theory with even more wariness as we don’t know the actual whereabouts of Cecily at this time, I believe, and she herself could have been with the Duke of York when she conceived — if Edward really was a full-term baby.

A Nevill Feast

There has been a great deal written about Cecily Nevill. Google her (with the inevitable final ‘e’) and you’ll get nearly 98,000 results, most of them discussing her in relation to the men (husband, sons and brothers) in her life. She outlived all but one of her children, and spent thirty five years in widowhood. Two of her sons became kings of England, a granddaughter was queen, as she herself almost was.

Cecily was born on 3 May 1415 at Raby Castle in Yorskhire, the youngest of Ralph Nevill’s 23 children (and the youngest of her mother, Joan Beaufort’s 10). In 1424, she was betrothed to the young duke of York.

Richard duke of York, born 21 September 1411, was the only son of Richard earl of Cambridge and Anne Mortimer. He had an older sister, Isabel, who married Henry viscount Bourchier, and a half sister Alice from his father’s…

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