Marriage and the Nevills – Isobel Nevill and George Duke of Clarence

Glad to know that there was most likely something else to this marriage aside from how PG’s books and The White Queen portrayed them… 🙂

A Nevill Feast

In their blog, The Tragic Neville Sisters – Pawns in the Wars of the Roses, CMHypno poses one final question: … but did they have a happy, fulfilled life? The short answer to that is probably Yes, though, of course, in history or otherwise, there are rarely any short answers.

Two things need to be taken into account before we can examine the lives in question – or here, at least, the life of Isobel Nevill. 1. We need to stop measuring the lives of these two young women against the expectations and attitudes of young women today; and 2. We need to remember that when they were born, neither of them had a use-by date stamped on their foreheads. They had no idea they were going to die as young as they did; they did not walk through the world, doomed and tragic; they lived each day…

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