Marriage and the Nevills – John Nevill and Isobel Ingoldisthorpe

A Nevill Feast

Due to a surprising number of people finding their way to the Feast by googling Isobel Ingoldisthorpe (and finding nothing but two fleeting references) I’ve decided to bite the bullet and finalise this post, which has been hanging around in my drafts folder for some time.

There seems to be a fairly widespread consensus of opinion that John Nevill and his wife were fond of each other. I think this is based on two lone facts: in the thirteen or so years of their marriage they produced seven children; and despite Isobel’s second marriage, she was buried with her first husband. While I’m prepared to accept this interpretation, I will state quite categorically that their marriage was based on practical, financial and political concerns (like any other noble marriage of the time) and not on romantic love. If they came to have a happy, companionable and loving marriage, there’s no…

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