Marriage and the Nevills – Richard Nevill and Anne Beauchamp

To all, especially those who came off watching The White Queen feeling there was something missing and wanting to learn more about the historical marriage between Warwick and the Countess, here’s an informative article for you! 🙂

A Nevill Feast

Richard Nevill and Anne Beauchamp were betrothed in 1434 when he was 6 and she was 9. Two years later, in a double ceremony shared with her brother Henry and his sister Cecily, they were married. As brother- and sister-in-law had the same relationship in the eyes of the church as a brother and sister, a double wedding was the only way to get around the need for a dispensation, which was probably the main reason it took place when the pair were so young.

They didn’t live in the same household, however, and as the marriage may well have been carried out by proxies, they might not even have met each other at this point.

On the death of their father, Henry Beauchamp became duke of Warwick. (The original rank was an earldom, and it was to this it reverted when Henry died, leaving his young daughter briefly his…

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