Marriage & the Nevills: Robert, Thomas, Gervase & Maud – the director’s cut

This is indeed very fascinating, especially as it’s about a woman I hadn’t heard of earlier but I now wish to learn more about! 🙂 Poor Maud, she really went through a lot of ordeals in her lifetime, didn’t she? But, up until the end, I believe she never fully despaired and was a strong, courageous woman who did her best to pick up the pieces and continue on with life. 😀

A Nevill Feast

Guesswork based on very little information can be fun… It can also lead you down totally erroneous pathways, but if you don’t have the information, how do you know?

So, I have the information now and travelling the right path is going to be so much more rewarding than anything mere guesswork can provide – for me and everyone else. There’s still a little of that, mind you…

So, I’ve talked a little bit about Maud and Thomas’s marriage (and here) and about Gervase Clyfton before. Not quite totally wrong, but close enough. There are times when being wrong can be bitter and close to unbearable. This is not one of those times. I’ve linked both those posts to this one, coz this one is definitive! Um, well… As close to it as I can get, and that’s a good deal closer than I was at the start of…

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