As Anne and Geo…

As Anne and George settled down to married life together, it soon became apparent that they were remarkably compatible together. With the sole exception of the Duchess of Marlborough, everyone agreed that they were an exceptionally devoted couple. Twenty-five years later it was said at George’s funeral, ‘Never did a happier pair come together.’ Anne was described as ‘an extraordinarily tender and affectionate wife’ while George ‘lived in all respects the happiest with his princess that was possible.’ George was so notable for his marital fidelity, ‘a virtue…not often to be found in courts in these degenerate and licentious ages,’ that it was said that envy itself would ‘bear witness to the chastity and entire love of this most happy pair.’ He and Anne had an admirable ‘conformity of humour, preferring privacy and retired life to high society and grand entertainments.’ They were both (as Anne herself put it) ‘poor in words,’ but with each other they were completely at ease. At a time when some aristocratic husbands and wives led virtually separate existences Anne and George were unusual for their companionable way of life. One observer noted, ‘The Prince and she used to spend extraordinary much time together in conversation daily, scarce any occurrent can cause an intermission.’

“Queen Anne: The Politics of Passion” (2012), Anne Somerset

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