Religion and My Life

First of all, I would like to apologize to all my readers and followers for not updating or using this blog — or even my other WordPress site stuartdynasty — recently. I have been busy with many school assignments, activities, and projects especially as I am in high school which is definitely a more hectic time for students than when it was in elementary, though it is true that sometimes I either just forget or I’m too lazy to post or reblog things on apassionforhistory. Now, I would like to kick off my ‘return’ to posting with an¬†article about my views on religion, religious fanaticism and detachment, and what sort of spiritual faith I practice and whose ideology I¬†follow — especially since my mood at this point is considerably low with regards to my ranking on the honor roll and my grades in the first grading of this school year and I feel like it would be good to discuss in some detail and explore my faith, which I usually try to keep to myself a very private matter, rarely sharing my real views with anyone but my family. Continue reading