Joan of Kent’s Marriages

Joan of Kent’s Marriages

Ooh, sounds fascinating and reveals even more information I previously didn’t know about or only had a vague idea of about one of my favorite historical figures and was beloved in her own time, Joan of Kent! 🙂

Before reading this post, I assumed that Joan’s first two marriages were arranged and only her third marriage was for love — though it seems I must think twice before assuming that again because it appears that Joan did love Thomas Holland, which was a bit of a shock to me since she was so young when she got married and I assumed that because of her extreme youth, the union was arranged and that they didn’t consummate it immediately after. I would have thought that if Joan and Thomas really wished to marry, they would have done so when she was older, perhaps from the ages of 14-18, but again they may have married hastily because by that time Joan would have been of marriageable age and she wouldn’t have wanted to be married off to somebody other than Thomas, so yes, it’s more than likely it was a love match.

She also married Edward the Black Prince for love — though in the end, it may have been her first husband who was her true love because she asked to be buried beside him in her will. However, because she may have truly loved both of them and had a hard time choosing where to be buried, she chose to be buried beside Thomas as a sign of respect that she still loved him and hadn’t forgotten him at all even after her love match with the Black Prince.

Hmm, if ever I’ll go through with my possible novel on Joan of Kent in the future, I now have a gold mine of information on Joan and her marriages and how to interpret them 🙂

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